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Do you need help interpreting chart patterns? Many technicians and chartists believe the market price is constantly factoring in the known and “unknown” fundamentals.  Learn what patterns may be meaningful. CLICK HERE

Clients receive a variety of research reports (free to clients) that keep you abreast of; Shifts in the current supply and demand on the grains, softs, metals, energies, currencies, stock indicies and interest rate markets. Clients also receive access to pertinent weather information, Grain basis numbers, Cash markets, Global developments as well as technical analysis pdates on select markets. CLICK HERE

Options Analysis - Have you been buying options that keep expiring worthless even though you are right on the direction of the market? Are you waiting for a big move in a commodity but you've already lost money trying to predict that move? Learn how to potentially put volatility and time to work for you!! Learn how many traders use the DELTA!! CLICK HERE

Real-time quotes, charting, depth of market and technical analysis tools. Whether you day trade, position trade futures or options we have a trading platform for you. Click here to learn more.



Stock Index Trading Kit - Learn why more and more stock traders are trading the stock index futures!! Are you getting scalped on the cash stocks and paying high commissions?? Learn how to participate in the S&P, Mini S&P, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, mini-Nasdaq and save on commissions!! CLICK HERE

Receive a free trial to our technical analysis newsletter - We will acquaint you with displays and explanations of technical indicators with emphasis on commitment of traders, public sentiment, overbought, oversold indicators and more!! A look at markets that may be "set up" for a move and why they may be moving. Fundamental analysis including a look at carryover, crop reports, etc. Pleasing visual displays of current charts with specific indicators plotted and a discussion of what they may be telling us. CLICK HERE

Receive free information (Source: www.cftc.gov) on how to track whether or not the producers and users are buying and selling. Find out the many misconceptions and myths of tracking the commitment of traders report!!!! CLICK HERE


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Investors should be aware that trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Investors should be aware that trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.